Dawson Public School


Telephone02 9625 9031



Our Preschool is part of the Dawson Public School Community. We are managed by the Department of Education and Communities and provide an affordable preschool program for families who will be attending Dawson Public School and for those who live within the school enrollment and catchment area. 

Our preschool is a non-profit organisation which caters for the needs of children preferably the year before they are due to enter kindergarten. At Dawson Preschool, we follow the Early Years Learning Framework when planning the children's program. Fundamental to the framework is a view of children's lives as characterised by Belonging, Being and Becoming. In order to enrich children's learning, we program opportunities which maximise their potential and develop the foundations for future success in learning. We record and evaluate each child's achievements, strengths and interests, then plan to extend their interests and build upon their strengths. This is documented in each child's personal portfolio.


To enrol your child into Dawson Preschool, please complete am application to enroll form which is to be collected and returned to the school's office. Children can attend Dawson Preschool if they are due to start kindergarten the following year.


Preschool Enrolment Form (pdf 555 KB)